Our Process

Our Process

At Corder and Company we never charge you for advertising your property. We work to maximize your return, keep your expenses low and the tenant happy. We are constantly looking at market trends to make sure that your property is marketed at the highest rent amount possible.

There is no charge for after hours emergency calls made by tenants because of a problem. If a maintenance issue does arise, we evaluate the issue first to see what level of service is needed, thereby saving you money on small problems that we may be able to handle in-house. A limit is determined before we contact you about the needed repairs and your approval is always secured before any funds are spent. If needed, we will set up a maintenance and repair plan to bring all of your property systems into good working order to avoid repeated repairs when a new system would be less expensive to operate and maintain in the long run.

Marketing your property and keeping it occupied is just the beginning of our service to you. Working to keep your tenants in the home is a priority for us - a happy tenant is one that will stay a long time.

Customer service and accountability are of the utmost importance with Corder and Company and our staff looks forward to working with you.

  • What to Expect

    1. Prior to assuming management of the property we do an inspection of the property with the owner and check to see if any maintenance or repairs need to be done.
    2. Once the management agreement is signed and the owner and property information is input into our computer system to set up the bookkeeping files, we make the property visible to our advertising for publication.
    3. Our Computer system and webpage are constantly updated and once the property is entered it is posted to the web page and the internet for lease if it is vacant at the time. It is posted to over 80 websites such as Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, Homes For Rent.Com. and others. This is the first step in our marketing of your property.
    4. We work with the owner to set up the banking information and get any and all addresses needed for notifications and mailings.
    5. Once the information is entered into our computer system an e-­‐mail is sent to the homeowner to set up their password in the owner portal for reviewing their account information on-­‐line. Tenants are e-­‐mailed a separate letter for them to set up a password and account in the tenant portal so they can pay their rent on line if they choose and notify us of any problems 24 hours a day.
    6. We mail or email monthly statements to the property owner and then either send you a check or deposit your monthly proceeds into your account of choice.
    7. We will do a walk through inspection with each tenant before they move in.
    8. We will do annual inspections of the interior of the property when the property is occupied, as well as regular exterior inspections of the property.
    9. When it comes time for the tenant to move out we will do another walk through with them and go over any damage that has occurred since they moved in. We will document the walk through with pictures of the property and the tenant so that there is no questions as to the walk through taking place.
    10. After the current tenant has vacated the property we work with the owner to rekey all the locks to the home for the next tenants safety.
    11. Spring and fall HVAC conversions will be scheduled by Corder and Company per the homeowners management agreement. The management company will schedule the conversions for the homeowner unless otherwise specified in the agreement.
    12. Working with the owner we will contract to have any and all repairs done to the property by qualified service professionals who are licensed and insured.
    13. Our staff is available from 9 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday and by appointment on the weekends.
    14. We have an emergency phone number for emergency calls in the middle of the night so we can handle all types of problems, this is provided as a service for you the owner and the tenants at no cost.
    15. Should the need come up to remove a tenant from your property, Corder and Company will handle all of the postings and Eviction Process.

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What We Do As Your Albuquerque Property Manager

  • Financial

    Yes, obtaining and depositing rent checks is a major part of the financial responsibility of a property manager, but an ardent company will go further. Included in this category is knowing the current rental market and devising marketing strategies to find new tenants. Regular financial reporting (to the owners), understanding financial statements, income taxes and budgeting are also very important.
  • Tenants

    This category includes getting, screening, understanding, and keeping those that will inhabit the property. It also includes being responsive to the tenant while reporting back to the owner. A dedicated management company will be able to balance this sometimes complex relationship between the two.
  • Structure

    The upkeep of the physical structure is a crucial part of property management. The homeowner and tenant alike trust that any necessary repairs will be done properly and in a timely manner. A proactive property manager will not only address the acute repairs, but will also perform preventative maintenance checks.
  • Administration

    Most property management companies have their own office that requires basic administration duties. But on top of that, they will also need to perform the administration obligations for each of their contract relationships. Federal, state, and local governments all have some jurisdiction over real estate property management activities. Certain reporting requirements must be met for all of them, and meticulous record keeping is a must. A prudent management company will stay up to date on all laws and regulations, using them to make the best experience for their client and the tenant.

    A quality property management company will take care of things when they go wrong, but will also be proactive; mitigating possible problems before they occur.

    Corder and Company, LLC is a proud, proactive Property Management Company serving the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho areas. We know property owners and potential tenants alike and have a choice when deciding who to use for their housing needs. We would love to be the choice for you!


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“I just wanted to thank you all so much for everything you do for us. You don’t realize how much stress you relieve from us by taking care of our house and the bills associated with the house. We are truly grateful for the hard work you all do.”

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