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What To Do If the Roof Leaks on You

What To Do If the Roof Leaks on You

Signs of a leaking roof are definitely not a welcome sight for a tenant or homeowner. Here’s What To Do If the Roof Leaks on You.

While the upcoming monsoon season can be good for the outdoor environment, it can wreak havoc on a homes roof. It’s always important to be on the lookout for signs of a leak, especially during monsoon season. The sooner a leak is detected and repaired, the better. An obvious sign of a roof leak is dripping water. But the best case scenario is that the leak is noticed earlier on by discolored spots on the ceiling or wall. If you do see signs of a leak there are some things you should do, and some that you shouldn't. Here’s What To Do If the Roof Leaks on You.

Secure the Scene

If water is actually dripping or streaming from the ceiling/wall, use a bucket to catch it so it does not cause further damage to the floor or household items. Move anything you can out of the path of water and use plastic to cover the rest.

Phone for Help

Call Us immediately if you detect a roof leak. Describe the situation in as much detail as possible and let us know if it is an emergency. We have a dedicated team of professionals that we call on to perform repairs on the properties we manage.

Relieve the Pressure

The dripping water may be accompanied by a bulge in the drywall. If you are comfortable doing so, use a ladder and a small screwdriver to put a small puncture hole in the bulge. This could help prevent even more damage.

Cover it Up

As long as it can be done safely, covering the suspected origin of the leak with a tarp will help keep things dry until repairs can be made.From flash storms to clogged gutters to crumbling shingles, the list of potential roof leak causes is very long. The actual repair will depend on many factors, including roof pitch and type of shingle. Corder & Company will act quickly to get the leak fixed, as well as any inside repairs that are required. We hope that you won’t need it, but now you know What To Do If the Roof Leaks on You.