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Property Maintenance Checklist for Winter

Property Maintenance Checklist for Winter

As the coldness of the season really settles in, it’s time to double check the Property Maintenance Checklist for Winter.

A big part of owning a property is keeping up with routine and seasonal maintenance. The cold months can bring a calm, crisp beauty, but they can also bring damage and extra expenses. Thankfully, the Albuquerque area doesn’t experience as harsh of a winter as other places. However, that doesn’t mean that homeowners can skip the Winter Property Maintenance Checklist. Ideally, these things would be done before the cold hits, but it’s not too late to get them done. A little effort now could help prevent a lot of hassle later, especially since there are still many frigid days ahead. Corder & Company, LLC has the following suggestions for a Property Maintenance Checklist for Winter.

Some Simple Things

  • Protect Entryway - Adding a rug with waterproof backing and a tray for wet/muddy shoes will help protect the quality of the flooring at one of the home’s busiest places.
  • Remove Screens - Water can get trapped (and possibly freeze) between the screen and the window framing, creating a possible situation for damage.
  • Test Alarms (Fire & Carbon Monoxide) - This is something that should be done monthly, but is especially important during winter months.
  • Check Trees - Cold temps and winter winds are the perfect combination to knock down a tree limb. Find any that look loose and trim them before they can cause damage.

Some More Things (These will take more time and may require a contractor/professional.)

  • Fill in the Gaps - Replace or repair caulking and weather stripping around all windows and doors. So much heat is lost out of a seemingly small crack.
  • Heating Check Up - Make sure all vents (inside and out) are clear of debris and change all filters. It’s also wise to have a professional come do an inspection.
  • Clean Dryer Hose - The dryer tends to run more during the winter and even if the internal lint trap is cleaned regularly, build up can happen in the hose and vent.
  • Add Insulation - Exposed pipes, attics, crawl spaces, and anywhere that barriers the cold should be properly and adequately insulated.

A Property Maintenance Checklist for Winter may not be the funnest way to spend a weekend but these steps could help avoid frustration and expense.