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Prepare for Renter Moving Out

Prepare for Renter Moving Out

Moving a resident out can be stressful. Not only are you focused on finding a new resident to move in, you have a long list of things to do. Many of those things you may never even think of. Real Estate Investment can be a major time commitment.

If you’ve done this before, the memories of residents past may haunt you. Broken door knobs, dirty floors and walls, pet stains, and even worse. If you are new to the process you may miss the long list of things that need your attention before the Security Deposit can be returned and your property is move in ready.

Are you prepared? 

Do you think that you have your bases covered? Have you gone room to room? Made your checklist of those little dings and nicks? Checked the light bulbs? Hired your vendors to perform any necessary repairs?

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Even the most experienced investor may need pointers. If you are new to real estate investment, the list can seem endless. A good real estate investment team can alleviate the stress and streamline your time of transition.

Corder & Company Property Management in Albuquerque and surrounding areas, has a comprehensive plan that we use to make these transitions as smooth as possible. Our team works for you to make sure that your property is pristine and move in ready.

Once your resident moves out, our representative will scope your property room by room. We take detailed notes of both the interior and exterior of the residence to see what renovations will need to be completed before your new resident moves in. It can be easy to overlook that sun damaged stucco or cracked window pane when your mind is distracted with other tasks. Did your last resident have children? We have found colorful art in some of the most unlikely places.

Security Deposits must be returned within a very limited window of time. For example, in New Mexico you only have 30 days to provide your previous resident an itemized move out statement. A move out statement tells the previous resident how much or how little of their deposit they may get back. Haven sends those statements out, they also begin the process of hiring the necessary vendors to begin repairs. We want your property to be move in ready as soon as possible.

Now that the scope has been completed, the repairs need to be completed. Knowing reliable vendors is key when trying to complete renovations in a timely and cost effective fashion. A good property management company has vendors that they know and trust and have completed work for them in the past. Haven has a trusted set of vendors that we know can complete quality work on time and within budget. As an investor, it can be hard to maneuver the world of vendors. Quotes, bonding, permits, insurance, reliability? Where do you even begin? It’s a daunting task that requires research, referrals and resilience. Truly, it’s not for the faint of heart.

Once we identify the repairs that need to be made and have had the vendors make those repairs, we perform another scope of sorts. We make sure that each and every repair was completed at the highest standard. Haven prides ourselves on attention to detail We understand the investment that you have made and the trust you have placed in us as your real estate management team. When needed, we work with the vendors to go back and touch up paint, repair dishwashers, replace smoke detector batteries, the window blinds are operational, all of the little things that you would do to make sure that your new resident feels right at home from the very first moment that the step foot in your property.

Corder & Company understands that you have made a large investment in your real estate purchase. Help yourself protect your investment by utilizing a real estate management team that understands the complicated process of the move out and readies your investment for its next resident.