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What a Renter Should Look for in a Property Management Company

What a Renter Should Look for in a Property Management Company

A lot is said about screening potential tenants, but what screening should the prospective tenant do of the company that manages the property? Continue reading to our list of What a Renter Should Look for in a Property Management Company.Gone are the days of getting a newspaper and turning to the FOR RENT section to find a new place to live. In today’s market, many available homes are handled by property management companies. Each company will have their own qualifying standards for possible tenants, but the renter should have their own list of requirements as well.

Corder & Company, LLC suggests the following points to consider when deciding to rent from a property management company.

  • Get a Referral
    • Ideally, you will hear about a company (good or bad) from a previous/current renter. A reputable property management company will have multiple testimonials available to review.
  • How long has the management company been in business?
    • You want to work with a team that is experienced and established.
  • Is the company familiar with the area?
    • If you’re looking for a home in a specific part of town, you don’t want your management company to be unfamiliar with the neighborhood or located too far away.
  • How many properties do they manage?
    • A well established company will have multiple properties, but will also have adequate staff to attend to each renters needs.
  • What are their qualifying standards?
    • This information should be made forthright, clear, and be the same for any/all potential renters. Know what can (and can NOT be asked of you).
  • Do they require renters insurance?
    • While nominal (and in general regarded as worthwhile), this will add to your monthly cost.
  • How do they handle maintenance requests?
    • A proactive management company will respond to maintenance requests quickly as well as perform certain preventative maintenance checks.

A solid management company will have no problem providing answers to all of the questions above. Corder & Company, LLC is a full-service property management company, well established in the Albuquerque rental home market. We work diligently with the property owner and the renter to make it a wonderful experience for everyone involved. We would love to assist you in finding a new place to call home.