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Property Management Benefits for HOA

Property Management Benefits for HOA

A full-service property management company can be beneficial to homeowner associations by implementing the same quality services provided to individual property owners. Allow us to enlighten you with our Property Management Benefits for HOA. 

Homeowners Associations (HOA) were originally instituted to protect the value and integrity of a neighborhood. Since Property Management Companies do those very same things for individual property owners, the crossover between the two is fairly straightforward. Where an individual finds value in having a company assist them with the administration of their investment(s), an HOA can expect the same value and assistance from a full-service property management company. Corder & Company, LLC is pleased to service several HOA’s in the Albuquerque area. The advantages of having a professional company oversee the operations of the HOA are numerous. Sometimes a community is not quite big enough to have a dedicated association board. Sometimes it is difficult to find qualified individuals willing to serve on the board. And sometimes, it is just easier to let an experienced, full-service property management company do it. We offer assistance and services in multiple areas of community management. They are:

  • Administration
    • Schedule and attend all board meetings
    • Provide detailed monthly management reports
    • Strict enforcement of rules, regulations, by-laws, and covenants
    • Aide in the process of preparing an annual budget
    • Timely responses to homeowner concerns
    • Coordinate maintenance contracts
  • Financial/Accounting
    • Monthly billing for community dues and assessments
    • Detailed record keeping and coordination of all accounts payable and receivable
    • Timely preparation and provision of monthly financial statements
  • Debt
    • Delinquent notices to homeowners
    • Monitor of all delinquent accounts and provide status updates to board
    • Coordinate with board chosen Attorney on legal issues (including liens/foreclosures)
  • Site Surveillance 
    • Periodic community inspections to identify maintenance issues and violations
    • Administer board approved actions including routine maintenance, violation letters to homeowners, issuance of fines, etc…
    • Monitor all contracts and ensure periodic maintenance (lawn care, pool cleanings, etc…) is completed as agreed-upon

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