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Family Fun Days

Family Fun Days every Sunday in November from noon to 5 p.m.

Bachechi Open Space (9521 Rio Grande Blvd. NW) Weekly crafts, outdoor activities, and experiments will be offered to deepen your discover of the natural world. Each Visitor can make a journal and crafts to take home. Activities are all correlated to school science standards making this a great opportunity for homeschoolers– learn, explore and play! There are different activities each week based on the month’s theme. 

November’s theme is Birding with Bachechi

Count the cranes passing overhead as we map their migration and learn about what adaptations allow birds to fly. Learn how feathers work and how hollow bird bones are, then make a bird feeder to take home. Weekly activities include the following:
  • November 5,  Search the park for a fallen feather then bring it inside to look at under the microscope. Inside you can chart the flight paths of our flying friends in a migration map to take home.
  • November 12,  Search for all the different kinds of bird nests around Bachechi, then come inside and challenge yourself to build your own nest.
  • November 19,  Count the cranes flying over Bachechi or perfect your favorite  bird call, then come inside and make a bird feeder to take home.
 (Note:  There will be no Sunday Family Fun on Thanksgiving Weekend?) No need to register, just come on down between 12- 5 p.m. For more information or help with registering for any of these Open Space events, contact: Colleen Langan-McRoberts, or call 505-314-0398